Match for Peace - Brazil vs. Haiti (08/18/2004)

Brazil Brings Haiti A Joyful Respite
'When I see Ronaldo, it will be like seeing God.'

Haiti presented little competition for Brazil, who won  the match 6-0. But the excited Haitians - some of whom climbed trees next to the stadium to get a view - did not seem to care.
The friendly match was organised by the United Nations to  promote peace and reconciliation in the tiny, conflict-scarred Caribbean country.
Tens of thousands of Haitians lined the streets to welcome Brazil’s team as it was escorted by UN peacekeepers.
The party went on despite the score and it seemed no-one really cared about the result.
A long line of Haitian fans patiently waited to get into the ground.
Many of them wore Brazilian football shirts, such is the passion for Brazil in Haiti. (x)


TAM will bring our soccer stars back home - Marcelo

The work Scolari has done, the way fans have become close, we definitely can win the World Cup. - Zico


New TV ad from as David Luiz, Thiago Silva & Marcelo try to get back to Brazil in time for the World Cup.

Hahahahahaha… I love this!

We’re together like a symphony